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How many users can I reach through GCash ads?
Is it possible to target audiences based on location?
What targeting parameters can we work with?
What are the formats available for ad placements?
Would you be able to run video ads?
Is there a minimum investment required to avail Ad Solutions?
Are these available for MSMEs?
How do I pay for ad placements?
Who do I get in touch with if I want to place ads on GCash?
What are GCash vouchers?
What types of GCash vouchers can I give away?
How can I share vouchers with my customers?
Where can I use GCash vouchers?
Until when can the vouchers be used?
Partners are able to set the duration of the campaign and all unused vouchers will expire once the campaign ends.
Where can my customers find their vouchers?
GCash vouchers can be found in the Voucher Pocket within the GCash app. Once the GCash app is launched, you may click on “Profile” on the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen and click on Voucher Pocket to see all active, used, and expired vouchers.
Is there a minimum investment required to avail Promo Solutions?
Promo Solutions campaigns require a minimum of P100,000 to avail.
How much is the service fee for GCash voucher campaigns?
The service fee for GCash voucher campaigns ranges from 6.5%-10% depending on the campaign budget.
Who do I get in touch with if I want to run a voucher campaign?
To start rewarding your customers, you may reach the Partner Marketing team by filling out this form.
What is the difference between the Identity Solutions products?

Customer API intends to help businesses in improving their customer onboarding experience. Customers with verified GCash accounts can easily sign up to the businesses’ platform. 

While Customer API looks into multiple available customer information, GScore API intends to verify an information subset answerable by a yes or no.  

GScore API intends to help businesses tap a new segment of users with our proprietary trust score.

How many fully verified customers does GCash have?
We have 35M users who are already fully e-KYC’ed as of January 2023.
Will we be able to get the KYC details from different network providers?

Yes, we can send the KYC details regardless of their network. As long as these are GCash fully KYC’ed customers who provided their consent to share their personal information to our partner.

On KYC reliance, who owns the data once it is handed over to the partner?

Data Ownership is fully transferred to the partner by the time the user consents. The partner should do due diligence according to their business standards and BSP regulations.

What is the eKYC process?

All eKYC applications go through various quality and risk checks through our 3rd party identity verification provider, as well as our internal risk engine. Any type of application failure that is not considered as high risk will undergo manual review (e.g. self-declared inputs differ from what is indicated in the OCR ID by at least 1 character).

What will be the experience of unverified users using the Customer API?

Unverified users will not be qualified to register in the Partner’s app via Customer API. They will get an error message prompting them to go through the unautomated registration option.

Can Customer API also be implemented on websites and not just apps?

Whether it is an app or website, as long as your platform is API-ready, we can have the Customer API service available after integration.

Is the Customer API within the GCash app or is it in the Partner’s app?

It is in the Partner’s app. GCash Customer API will need to be integrated in the Partner’s app. When the Partner’s potential customers enter their app or website, Customers should be seeing a “Sign in via GCash” option which will lead them to these 5 steps:

  1. Customers will enter their verified GCash mobile number.
  2. Wait for the one time pin (OTP) to be sent to their mobile for authentication.  
  3. Enter the MPIN. 
  4. Review the T&Cs and click “I agree.” 
  5. Review the information that will be shared to the Partner’s app or website. 
Who do I get in touch with if I want to implement Customer API on my platform?

To quickly and successfully onboard customers, you may reach the Partner Marketing team by filling out this form.

What is meant by the backtesting process?
Backtesting is the process undergone for the Client to understand how to use GScore.
How many customers can you backtest?
This is dependent on the size of your portfolio. However, a sizable amount of the target is needed to be able to backtest.
Who do I get in touch with if I want to avail of GScore API?

To help in screening applicants, you may reach the Partner Marketing team by filling out this form.

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