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Marketing To Foodies: How GCash Affinities Indulged In Exciting Food Promos

Discover affinity targeting and how businesses effectively applied it in their campaigns. 

If you’re running a business, it pays to make sure you’re talking to the right audience. GCash helps you achieve this through its affinity targeting based on verified demographics and unique transaction signals. With over 50 unique affinities available, GCash makes your marketing more efficient and more personalized for consumers. 

Take foodies for example. Unlike other platforms, we tag a user as part of this affinity not via the food influencers they follow or the cooking shows they watch, but based on actual purchase decisions such as their go-to merchants. For GCash, a foodie is a user who is active on food delivery apps, and uses GCash to transact at F&B establishments.

Through our Ad Solutions, we are able to connect different food partners to their hungry customers. Here are some exciting campaigns we’ve ran to cater to different foodies:

McDonald’s Mix & Match Promo
Fast foodies were in for a treat when McDonald’s launched their Mix & Match Promo on GCash. The McDo ad placement on our app directed users to the McDelivery website where they can avail of any main and side combo meal of choice for only Php 75. The successful campaign brought significant traffic and orders for the brand.

Foodpanda’s Cashback Promo
Foodies who like satisfying their cravings via food delivery apps were delighted with a Php 50 cashback on their first foodpanda order. This effective targeting strategy delivered new customers to the foodpanda app and led to almost a 50% increase in GCash monthly active users on foodpanda.  

Purego’s Discount and Free Shipping Promo
Online grocery site Purego, now known as Rappit, partnered with GCash for a promo that was targeted at foodies and aspiring chefs. Their goal was to increase trial by offering Php 500 off discount plus free shipping when you use a GCash promo code on their site. This resulted in an increase in Purego usage, making it the top retail merchant on GLife at that time.

Foodies is just one of over 50 affinities you can connect with through GCash Partner Solutions’s Ad Solutions. Book a campaign with us today and mix-and-match different targeting options to drive personalized experiences and effectively reach your target audience. Don’t miss this chance to get personal with your ads and drive positive results for your business. 

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