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How San Miguel and GCash Kept the Oktoberfest Spirit Alive 

See how GCash Partner Solutions' Promo Solutions transformed the annual Oktoberfest into a virtual festival. 

At the height of the pandemic, live events were put on hold for safety, and most interactions happened online. This posed a challenge for San Miguel: how do they keep the annual Oktoberfest spirit alive at a time when mounting a huge music festival would not be possible? Innovating and transforming this tradition into a virtual festival was the only option to keep customers connected and engaged. With our Promo Solutions, San Miguel was able to reward customers digitally, in a way that is safe and accessible. This partnership paved the way for San Miguel Beer’s Instant GCash Panalo Promo to create brand new experiences for their customers. Here’s how it worked: 

Collecting prizes made easy
Before the pandemic, San Miguel Beer would encourage their customers to buy their products, collect bottle caps or tansans, and redeem prizes at physical stores. With the pandemic ongoing, logistics was a challenge and there was a need to avoid having customers line up at their local sari-sari stores to redeem prizes. With Promo Solutions, GCash and San Miguel were able to turn this into a digitized experience, where instead of prizes being redeemed physically, promo codes were printed directly on the bottle cap, and prizes can be claimed directly on the GCash app.  

Zero complaints recorded
GCash anti-fraud controls were in place to ensure winning entries are valid, and automated cash seeding also aided in a smooth promo experience for all customers. The hassle-free process resulted in millions of redemptions with zero complaints, leading to a significant lift in sales for sari-sari store partners. 

Boosted campaign to ages 18+
To help amplify the promo, an ad campaign was run within GCash to reach the right audience. Through accurate KYC targeting, GCash was able to direct ads exclusively to those who are of legal drinking age, or 18 years old and above.

Continuing Oktoberfest
With the positive reception of GCash Instant Panalo Promo, San Miguel Beer kept the Oktoberfest tradition alive. It evolved from traditional offline execution to an online success, and provided an easier, more efficient way of redeeming prizes. 

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