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3 Big Marketing Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Learn how to equip your business with the right solutions, at the right time.

Starting a business is one thing; reaching and engaging your desired customers is another. Marketers experience several challenges ahead, and businesses need to be equipped with the right solutions, at the right time. 

Here’s how GCash Partner Solutions can help you solve these crucial marketing challenges:

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Traditional ads are losing effectiveness

‍Digital advertising giants like Google and Meta are getting oversaturated with ads. At the same time, stricter privacy controls on mobile devices may also hinder your business from identifying your target audience, which means users are no longer receiving ads that are tailored to their needs and interests. As a result, consumers experience ad fatigue as they are bombarded with irrelevant ads, and they become less engaged and interested to learn about a product or service. This is one challenge that makes running a successful and efficient campaign difficult for advertisers today. ‍

Through our Ad Solutions, GCash can help you promote your business to the right customers with efficient targeting, powered by our rich first-party data such as verified demographics and transaction signals.

As the country’s #1 financial app, GCash is present in all stages of the user journey from awareness, consideration to purchase, allowing us to bridge your brand to almost 29M daily active users through our in-app placements.

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Not maximizing your marketing budget

‍62% of shoppers today are deal-seekers, with promos and discounts influencing purchase decisions. As we step into the post-pandemic era where consumers shift back to brick and mortar shopping, there is a need for brands to innovate and engage their consumers not just online, but also offline.

Another challenge that brands face is losing millions to trade spend that fail to break even. Because most trade promos are manual in nature, not only are they inefficient, they also do not provide brands with enough consumer insights despite their scale.

‍Our Promo Solutions can help address this gap, allowing brands to engage customers via customizable vouchers that can be used to reward purchases, elevate online sales, and drive in-store purchase, effectively bridging online and offline.

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Not enough customer insights

‍Having a deep understanding of your customers is a key driver to overall business success. Not only will it enable you to create relevant products and services, but it will also help you in making business decisions that affect your consumer.

All campaigns with GCash Partner Marketing are insights-driven, and come with rich performance reports that will help you optimize your next campaigns with more accuracy and better efficiency.

Let us help you navigate these marketing challenges with our Ad Solutions and Promo Solutions. Learn more about GCash Partner Solutions today by sending us a message!

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